I made this group of scroll drawings thiinking about how they engage with the wall, the floor and the space they occupy. Some of them hang on the wall but others extend over a section of the floor, suspend from the ceiling or lie entirely across the floor.

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These scrolls are made using printed elements - relief blocks are rolled, rubbed, or ghost-printed and combined with drawing and text. They can be considered drawing, prints, or artist books.

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This 175 foot drawing is mounted on a table with cranks for scrolling through the work. The viewable area of this piece is exacting the same as the amount I had open while drawing. Each section is self-contained but relates to previous and subsequent parts. The translucent paper gives the viewer a “foreshadowing” of the future parts and a “memory” of the ones passed. Click image to see more views.

These scrolls were made from medical paper that is used to cover examining tables in the doctor's office. The paper appears fragile but it is actually quite strong. I rolled them out into sheets about 110" long. The drawings have between 2 and 5 panels each.

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