"In any one day, how all the things get mixed together" was the title of a recent solo exhibition that also describes the beginning point for my work. I come to the studio with an accumulation of thoughts and plans for my day and for the work I am in the midst of making. Invariably there are interruptions or detours from my original intention and I find myself going down a rabbit hole that leads me to a line of inquiry or several overlapping inquiries.

This takes the form of drawn sections with layers of color, texture, and tape, and extemporaneous writing with pencils and ink. I move back and forth between the verbal and non-verbal sections, crossing out parts that are irrelevant. Throughout this process I repeatedly write the phrase “start here” as a way to bring my focus back to the current moment and use that experience in the drawing – I will take whatever thoughts or sensations I am aware of and use them as material in my work.

It’s a circular process that allows me to connect mundane concerns with life-changing events, to make a picture of how I see things intertwined and in flux. 

Anne Gilman

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